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"i was born in the wrong generation" i say as i steal my grandkids hoverboards because fuck you i was promised these years ago


The Food of Kings (AKA Luxury Pie) (x)

Apologies for the chronic inactivity on here, been busy with moving and uni shit. Will get back to posting very soon. 



This Thursday, Scotland votes for its independence.

The BBC is trying to report that Yes to Independence is losing. They’re using photos to imply our gatherings are tiny and insignificant instead of the many photos like those above. They’re reporting that an anti-independence march by the Orange Order (think the KKK with more British flags) was a peaceful pro-union family march. They have been caught editing clips to discredit our First Minister.

There is a protest outside BBC headquarters right now. They are claiming there are a maximum of 350 protesters.

Watch for yourself. There are far more people outside their offices right now and they are being ignored and misreported.

We need to be seen. The only way we’ve been able to disseminate accurate information has been through social media. The media we rely on to spread unbiased information is lying to us, trying to suppress us.


There is as much bullshit on both sides of the vote, the orangemen actually had a fairly well organised and reasonable protest, the yes campaign has tried to pin all sorts of illogical shite on the no campaign.

However, both sides are run by a pack of cunts. The no campaign is a pretty severe shitshow. And Alex Salmond is a slimy politician of the first order (I’ve met him, believe me on this.) Who is using independance and nationalism as a means to an end for his political career.

Let people do their own research, look into what they really think. And then look at the facts, not the fucking propaganda both sides are pushing on the public.

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Haven’t been on much as i just moved in to a new house half the country away.

But still, first night back. Mead times were had. Good start to what will probably be a destructive and chaotic but fun house.

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Got to do the 5:30 start london commute again tomorrow, relevance  of this song is high. aha.

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One of my favorite songs from the 90’s by one of my fav bands love me some Ska 

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Wet Leather | Woods Of Ypres

"Exhaustion is the currency, that you must pay for sleep"

Guitar build photo dump number two.

  • photo 1-Drilling wiring hole in the bridge pickup.
  • 2-drilling all done
  • 3 put the control plate on just to get a rough idea what it’s going to look like, stoked as fuck.
  • 4- Rear spoon cut  upper fret acecss prep
  • 6-And again (still some tidying to do, and going to roll the edges.)

Stuff for next week, Chisel out bridge pickup cavity to accept a humbucker. Get a long as fuck drill and drill the wiring hole for the neck pickup. Possibly do some side dot inlays on the neck (It’s a left handed neck mounted upside down. so no inlays on the top)

Then, Possibly a burl top/veneer. And then, a finish. Going to be an oil based satin, and currently debating between green or brown. (If i go green i’ll get a black bridge and swap that out.)

Just listened to the new Exodus song, it’s cool. and Although i like Rob Dukes a bit better, Zetro is doing a good job lyrically. Can’t help think he sounds like an ill Bobby Blitz though.

climbingamountainwithawolf said: Whyyy do you do this

Well, the eating late is because i’m disorganised. And the work is because they give me money, and i need some of that currently.

I have to be up at 5:30 tomorrow to get into london for some work, and i’m sat here eating dinner at five to twelve. Tomorrow morning is going to suck  a bag of dicks.

Went and saw Pentagram today, holy shitting fuck they were good. One of the best and most charismatic bands i’ve seen in a long time.

Both supports were pretty good too, i don’t know why i’ve never gone to the garage in islington before. seems like a really good venue.


Exclusive trailer premiere: Noisey’s NOLA: Life, Death and Heavy Blues from the Bayou